Congratulations on taking the first step in the journey and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. If you’re like most folks, you may have some questions. This is perfectly normal, we are happy to help people explore spiritual questions and concerns through one-on-one discipleship.

This series is designed to provide support and guidance to members of our church community. By pairing people up with fellow church members who have experienced the discipleship program, we hope to help our brothers and sisters better understand Scripture, strengthen their spiritual connection, and enjoy the fullest benefits because of their relationship with Jesus Christ. A wide variety of topics are covered, including:

• Salvation
• Eternal Security
• Baptism
• The Lord’s Supper
• The Holy Spirit
• The Word of God
• Prayer
• The Will of God
• The Local Church
• Other Christians
• Giving
• Money and Possessions
• Dealing with Sin
• Liberty in Christ
• My Job and Employer
• The Lost World
• Judgment Seat of Christ

By the end of this series, many questions you have will be answered, but there will always be more questions. One-on-one discipleship is a great opportunity to grow together with like-minded, good-hearted sons and daughters of God.